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Music Showcase

101 W. Main Street
Arcadia, Indiana 46030

For reservations, call/text 317-691-1207


Mark Your Calendar!



Free "Country & More" Show

Jim Barnhill

Harry Davis

Jim Davis

Bob Foster


Sat., April 21,  7:00pm

Country and More



Special Father's Day Show

coming Sun., June 17th

with the Italian Duo

Anita Camarella & Davide Facchini

Showtime to be announced, please stay tuned for details!

Anita and Davide Photo


Thank you for your support.

Please stay tuned for our upcoming shows and jam sessions.

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Blackberry Jam the Folk Band

Taped live at the Hedgehog, now available for $15 each.


My personal "thank you" to you for your interest in the Hedgehog Music Showcase,

Bob Foster, owner. 

 Bob Foster, owner of the Hedgehog

Photo by Carol Griffith