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Mark Your Calendar!


The Davis Foster Traveling Show

Featuring Banjoist Extraordinaire Robin Hopkins

Sat., Sept. 23 7:00 pm

One of the best and lowest priced entertainment shows around! Michael Davis and Bob Foster will put their acoustic archtop guitars to the test. There is a lost art in playing acoustic archtops and these guys will thrill you with their music. Robin Hopkins is one of the nation's best plectrum banjoists in the country today, and he'll be sitting in and adding that special "put a grin on your face" touch that only an accomplished banjo player can do. So, don't miss out on this fun evening at the Hedgehog. Can't beat the price either.


The Spirit of Gypsy Jazz

The Rhythm Future Quartet

Featuring International Talent

Sat., Sept. 30 7:00 pm

This is one show that you won't want to miss. Simply delightful!!!"

Please stay tuned for our future shows. In the coming weeks and months ahead, we will host more of our "Roadshow Series" of shows, jazz vocalist Annie Sellick with Pat Bergeson, finger style guitarist Richard Gilewitz, Prairie Town, Cornfields & Crossroads, Bleu Django, The Farmer & Adele, and many other talented artists. We sometimes add shows with a short notice, so check with us often.


Blackberry Jam the Folk Band

Taped live at the Hedgehog, now available for $15 each.

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